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August 2, 2016
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Better Results with proper Testosterone Levels


 Testosterone Levels

If your not sure about your current testosterone levels it is highly recommended that you seek professional help and have your levels checked.  Because low testosterone is so common among men ages 30+ that so many of them will go un-treated until later in life.  There are multiple negative effects associated with low levels but for younger men or athletic men one of the most common complaints is the inability to put on muscle and achieve fitness goals.  If you find yourself struggling in the gym it could be due to lower levels of testosterone which has been proven to dampen the building of muscle and also lessons the chance that the new muscle fibers are stronger.  When this happens your workouts could start yielding little to no results and keeping you and a sustainable level relative to your bodies ability to produce testosterone.

Proper Levels

When you have proper testosterone levels your body can maximize the effects it has throughout your system.  Your stamina will improve giving you more sustained energy for prolonged workouts and strenuous activity.  When you have the proper amount of testosterone your red bloods cells are able to carry more oxygen and therefore become more efficient and stronger.  Consider that testosterone will greatly improve your strength and the strength of key areas in your body.  If you want to improve your stamina and think that your hormones could be holding you back, call today and get tested.

Strength is also greatly effected by your hormone levels.  Your ability to lift more, push harder can and will be subject to the levels of testosterone available in your blood.  When your levels are low you hit a wall much sooner and this barrier will prevent you from pushing harder and growing your muscle strength.  It also takes your muscle longer to recover when your levels are lower, blood and oxygen are slower and not as capable of carrying vital nutrients to help you recover stronger.  The result is lackluster performance and extended periods of rest in between physical activity.

Poor Outlook on work, life and goals is also a very real side effect of low levels of testosterone.  The ability to add one more rep, get to the gym on time, stay that extra 10 minutes or lift that extra 10 pounds could all be a results of mental blocks produced and supported by low levels of testosterone.  Studies have shown that your determination and outlook on life is directly attributed to your hormone balance.  Lower levels give your conscious and easy out and this process often happens without your realizing that these poor decisions are happening. Improve your outlook and regain your determination with properly treated hormone therapy and experience what you’re capable of when your mind agrees with your bodies ability to push harder and go longer.

Sexual stamina and urges are also greatly effected with lower levels. Studies have shown that men who have lower levels of testosterone not only seek out sex at lower frequency but also experience shorter sex and weaker erections.  Once again when your levels are low it is much more likely that your confidence is also low and this will effect your ability to consciously pursue sex and sustain longer more satisfying sex with your partner.

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